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Job Summary

Category: Social Sciences Entry Experience: 3 years
Job Type: Full time Positions: 6
Min Qualification: Bachelor Salary: Undisclosed
Entry Level: Senior Level Date Posted: Aug 17, 2023
Location: NAIROBI Apply Before: Sep 5, 2023
Views: Days Remaining: 223 days elapsed

Brief About Employer

Public Service Commission

Public Service Commission

Job Description

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: -
(i) served for a minimum period of three (3) years in the grade of Deputy County
Commissioner II/Deputy Secretary, CSG 7;
(ii) a Bachelors Degree in any Social Science field or equivalent qualification from
a university recognized in Kenya;
(iii) a certificate in Administrative Officers’ Induction Course lasting not less than
four (4) weeks;
(iv) passed Administrative Officers ‘Examinations;
(v) a certificate in Administrative Officers ‘Paramilitary Course lasting not less than
three (3) month from a recognized institution;
(vi) a Diploma in Public Administration;
Advanced Public Administration (APA) Certificate; and
(vii) shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance an results.
Duties and Responsibilities:
An officer at this level may be deployed in either Field Administration or in any of the
Ministry /State Department Headquarters. Specific duties and responsibilities include:
Field Administration
(i) coordinating National Government functions which include; promote cohesion,
integration and patriotism to enhance peace and national unity;
(ii) handling complex administrative; socio-economic and political issues;
(iii) managing and coordinating government functions and activities;
(iv) coordinating activities and mobilization of resources for development;
(v) coordinating disaster management and emergency response activities;
(vi) coordinating management of security;
(vii) coordinating implementation of decisions of the Security and Intelligence
(viii) handling public complaints;
(ix) interpreting and disseminating Government policies;
(x) facilitating citizen participation in the development and implementation of
Government Policies, programmes and projects;
(xi) co-ordinating and ensuring enforcement of lawful administrative
(xii) co-ordinating national and state functions;
(xiii) managing and maintaining administrative boundaries, security roads airstrip
and vital installations;
(xiv) responding to parliamentary business;
(xv) co-ordinating campaigns against drugs, alcohol and substance abuse;
(xvi) providing agency services for other Government institutions;
(xvii) conducting civil marriages;
(xviii) promoting peace building and conflict resolution;
(xix) implementing Presidential and Government directives;
(xx) convening and chairing the Security and Intelligence Committee; and
(xxi) monitoring the implementation of Government programmes and projects and
compiling report.
Ministry/ State Department Headquarters
(i) drafting of briefs, speeches, policy, memoranda, ministerial position and
concept papers;
(ii) overseeing implementation of Government policies;
(iii) following-up on implementation of Government decision and directives;
(iv) liaising with state corporations and statutory bodies under the Ministry on policy
(v) responding to matters pertaining to Parliamentary business;
(vi) promoting integrity and ethical conduct within the Ministry;
(vii) managing ministerial resources and assets; and
(viii) developing departmental work plans

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