Grade4_6SUBJECTS_CORE_PACKAGE (GRADE4_6SUBJECTS_CORE_PACKAGE) is offered as a CERTIFICATE course examined by KNEC. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

Entry Requirement

Duration: 1 Months

Fee Structure

Full Course Fees
Registration Fee KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
Certification Fee KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
Administration Fee KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
Internal Exam Fee KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
External Exam Fee KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
Examining Body Membership Fee * KES 0.00 (USD 0.00)
Tuition Fee KES 6,000.00 (USD 60.00)
Fees Totals KES 6,000.00 (USD 60.00)
* Examining Body Membership Fee may be payable through us or directly to the Examining Body

All Fees are payable in lumpusm or in installments, for details see below.
Breakdown per semester,

Trimester Total Per Trimester
Trimester 1KES 6,000.00 (USD 60.00)
TotalKES 6,000.00 (USD 60.00)

The trimester fees of KES 6,000.00 (USD 60.00) is payable in 3 instalments of KES 2,000.00 (USD 20.00)

Course Units/Overview

Unit IDUnit Name

Course Description

1. Virtual Classes

2. Teacher Student Interaction

3. Self-Marking, Exams, Quizzes and Assignment

4. 9.10 am to 3.20

5. Revision notes and Past papers

Course Instructor(s)


Examining Body



Q1. How many lessons per day

Ans. 4 lessons in a day

 Q2.  Is registration free?

Ans. Yes Upon registration you get free admission

 Q3.  Can I access the lessons before paying?

Ans. No. The payment will be required so that you can be sent a google/zoom  invite link to attend the class

 Q4. How long do our classes take?

Ans. Our online classes runs from 9.10am to 3.20pm

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