Basics In Human Resource Management

Basics In Human Resource Management (FRBHRM) is offered as a CERTIFICATE course examined by FINSTOCK EVARSITY COLLEGE. A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of this course. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

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Entry Requirements


Duration: 1 Months

Delivery Method: Online

Fee Structure

Full Course Fees
Registration Fee KES 1,000.00 ($ 10.00)
Certification Fee KES 2,000.00 ($ 20.00)
Administration Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Internal Exam Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
External Exam Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Examining Body Membership Fee * KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Tuition Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Fees Totals KES 3,000.00 ($ 30.00)
* Examining Body Membership Fee may be payable through us or directly to the Examining Body

All Fees are payable in lumpusm or in installments, for details see below.
Breakdown per semester,

Trimester Total Per Trimester
Trimester 1KES 3,000.00 ($ 30.00)
TotalKES 3,000.00 ($ 30.00)

NB: Fees are payable in 3 installments as detailed below:

The trimester fees of KES 3,000.00 ($ 30.00) is payable in 3 installments of KES 1,000.00 ($ 10.00)

Course Requirements

All Fees are payable in instalments, for details check FAQs

Practical Requirements (where applicable)

For courses that require practicals, a separate fee is chargable (not included in fee structure above) as follows:

  • Short courses - KES 5,000
  • Certificate courses - KES 7,500
  • Diploma courses - KES 10,000

Course Units/Overview

Unit IDUnit Name
FRBHRM001Basics In Human Resource Management

Course Description

Basics In Human Resources Management

Course Overview

The Certificate in Basics In Human Resources Management Course offered at Finstock Evarsity

College is a 1 month online program examined by Finstock Evarsity College. A certificate of

completion is issued upon completion of the course.

Human Resources Management is "planning, organizing, directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance, and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are achieved. Topics covered include work design, human resource planning, recruitment & employee retention, managing performance, staff training and development, and workplace negotiation. After completing this subject, students will have a fir understanding of HRM procedures and be prepared for further studies in the HRM.

However to access this free course, you must register for the free course by paying $10 or kes 1000.You will also get free access to  another free short courses called Certified Online Learning(COL)(Valued $200)which is supposed to guide on how to access coursework and how to use e-learning system

Mode of Delivery

Home and/or office-based media employing a variety of self-instructional electronic and

online self-study materials, such as; written self-instructional study modules, online

interactive devices and self-tests, cloud-based content, videos of lectures mediated

technical learning materials e.g., audio visual and e-learning materials.

On completing this course, a student will be able to:

  • Reviewing candidate applications,
  • Onboarding new employees at the company,
  • Organizing key employee data like home addresses,
  • Giving new employee company tours and making introductions to colleagues,
  • Helping your team plan new employee orientation events,
  • Becoming involved in yearly employee reviews,
  • Writing content for the company brand on social media, and more.


  1. It’s a versatile field: You will gain knowledge and experience in multiple areas like Business, Leadership, Law, Marketing, Psychology, and Education.
  2. You can work in any industry: HR Management is a function that is needed in any industry, and many of the skills that you develop will be transferable across sectors. In fact, changing industries as an HR professional is probably easier than for any other kind of job.
  3. You have room to grow: As an important business function, HR allows for an interesting growth trajectory. If you decide to work for a larger company, you might even move up the corporate ladder to top management roles like Chief HR Officer or Chief People Officer. As you ascend, you will acquire new skills, authority, and a higher salary. But opportunities are just as limitless in smaller companies. Here you will have the greater opportunity to personalize relationships with every employee and be given more autonomy in skill-building.

Career Opportunities

  • Job analysis and job design.
  • Employee hiring and selection.
  • Employee training and development.
  • Performance management.
  • Compensation and benefits.
  • Managerial relations.
  • Labour relations 


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Course Instructor(s)


Examining Body



Q1. How many intakes are there?

There are three intakes in a year as follows:



Term Period


Registration Window

January Intake

Trimester 1

Jan 1 — Apr 30



May Intake

Trimester 2

May 1 — Aug 31



September Intake

Trimester 3

Sep 1 — Dec 31



Q2. In how many installments can I pay the fees?

Payments can be done in 3 installments as specified in the fee structure.

Q3. When can I sit for the exams?

  1. Internal exams are activated for students individually.
  2. External exams (where applicable) are booked one month after you complete the course.

Refer to the external examining body for more details and requirements before seating for their exams.

Q4: Is this college accredited/approved?

Yes. The college is approved under the ministry of education, through TVETA, and also through National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

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