Causes of Climate Change That May Lead to Human Extinction In The Near Future

Mostly climate shifts were natural but over the years these shifts have been controlled by the activities carried out by humans. Such activities include burning of fossil, fuels (like coal, oil and gas) which produces heat trapping gases. Since the 1880s, most causes of the climate change have been the human activities and this has affected us in many ways. The more time we take to wait on climate change, the greater the loss of life and damage to the world economy. According to Survey done from the world economy, climate and related environmental changes is ranked as the top 5 global risks likely to happen in the next 10 years. Generating power, manufacturing goods and cutting down trees/forests are some of the major causes of climate change.

1.Generating Power

Generation of electricity and heat is mostly done by burning fossils fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas which contributes largely in global emission. Most electricity is produced from fossil and fuel. Very little comes from the wind, solar and other renewable sources. Studying Certificate in Automotive Mechanics, shows how fuel pollutes the environment thus affecting the climate.

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2.Manufacturing of Goods

In manufacturing, there is a lot of burning done. Things like plastics, clothes, iron, steel and other goods are produced from the energy acquired from burning of fossils and fuel. Our goal should be to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns which is key to sustain the live hoods of current and future generations. Our climate as per now is at crisis.

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3.Cutting down Trees/Forests

The reason people cut down forests is to create more spaces for farming. What they do not realize is when cutting trees, they release carbon they have been storing. Forests absorb carbon dioxide and destroy the ability of the nature to keep emissions out of the atmosphere. Forests contribute so much to our health as they purify the water and the air. They also capture carbon particles as well as providing food and improving our well-being. It is our duty to safeguard our forests for our own good. Agencies like NASA have been the key leaders in studying the world climate change. Humans have the responsibility to make the difference by conserving forests and avoiding noise pollution.

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