Agency Registration

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Why register as an agent?

Registering as an agent at FINSTOCK EVARSITY COLLEGE allows you to earn commissions once you onboard students and resources to our system.

1). Recruitment of a student earns you a commission rate of 10% on fees paid.

2). Submission of pastpapers/revision papers.

We invite willing tutors to submit revision papers for CBC, Primary school, IGCSE, Secondary school, College and University. The submissions Must meet all the submission requirements below.

Submission Requirements for Pastpapers/Revision Papers

  1. Submission must be in word format
  2. Submission must be formatted to Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line spacing
  3. Submission must be accompanied with the marking scheme at the end of each paper. Download a free sample paper here
  4. Each submission must have 20 questions, each question to be paid at KES 1
  5. You must indicate Subject, Class/Form, Term, & Name of Tutor in the cover page
  6. Submission must be within the syllabus
  7. The payment will be made via Mpesa or PayPal
  8. The payment will be made immediately upon approval of a submission
  9. Submitters are entitled to an incentive of 10% from any sales of their papers

3). Submission of blog posts

Payments for above submissions

  1. Submission of approved pastpaper... KES 20
  2. Reviewing and approving a pastpaper... KES 20
  3. Submission of approved blog article... KES 350
  4. Reviewng and approving a blog article... KES 50
  5. Submission of approved book or book chapters... KES 500
  6. Reviewing and approving a book or book chapters... KES 100

For any queries, contact us via email or the WhatsApp number +254703313722

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