Welcome to Finstock Evarsity

Finstock Evarsity USA LLC is limited liability company incorporated in Delaware, USA. Its main mission is to provide technological, human capital related and knowledge-based solutions to our clientele.

Our products/services are:

  • Finstock Evarsity College
  • Finstock Learning Management System (Finstock LMS)
  • Finstock Talent Recruitment Software (Finstock TRS)
  • Finstock Resources

Finstock LMS

It has developed a state-of-the-art proprietary eLearning software known as Finstock Learning Management System (Finstock LMS), which is available for lease to or purchase by interested academic and training institutions.

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Finstock TRS

Finstock Evarsity USA LLC also provides a state-of-the-art talent recruitment software known as Finstock Talent Recruitment Software (Finstock TRS).

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Finstock Resources

Finstock Evarsity USA LLC has invested in a knowledge database for scholars. Specifically, it has invested in revision notes and past examination papers.

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