Agriculture Form Three Textbook – Hard Copy

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The book is “KCSE RESOURCE AGRICULTURE FORM THREE’ is a book prepared for the excellence of students preparing for their KCSE agriculture exam.

The book has been set by qualified teachers who understand the specific needs of a learner at form 3 level. The book accounts for the following topics in form three as stipulated by the current fourth edition syllabus. The content topics of this books are as follows;

  • Livestock Production III (Selection &Breeding)
  • Livestock Production (Livestock rearing Practices)
  • Farm structures
  • Agricultural Economics II (Land Tenure & Land Reforms)
  • Soil Conversation
  • Weeds & Weed Control
  • Crops Pests & Diseases
  • Crop Production VI (Field Practices II)
  • Forage Crops
  • Livestock Health III.

In an upshot of how KCSE exams are set, the book has been able to star a series of past KCSE exams questions, quenching the learner’s quest for excellence. For instance, last year’s 2021 exam featured two questions as been question 9b) asking to state four advantages of land registration. (2 marks) and questions 22b) asking to describe millet production under each of the following sub-headings:(I) seedbed preparation (2 marks) (ii) planting (2 marks) (iii) harvesting. (3 marks)

The book spotlight notes in key form, in a well-organized format, making it easier for learners to understand. At the end of each topic the book has topical assessment tests and model test papers that are essential in the learner’s day to day revision.

The book has been a great use to many schools especially top performing schools, this being national schools, extra county schools and subcounty schools. This schools have continued to post outstanding performances in their agriculture KCSE exam papers over the past years up to date.

The book is highly recommended to students at a form three, agriculture tutors as an incredible guide in setting assessment test and KCSE prediction question and last but not least students preparing to do their KCSE agricultural papers.


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