We have tried to cover some of the general questions we get. You might have some questions not covered in the list here. Feel free to use our contact us page to post your question.

General FAQs

Registration Fees are non refundable. They can only be transferred to another course in the event one makes a payment in error.

Tuition Fees are nonrefundable.  However, they can be transffered to other course upon approval by administration.

The college is accredited under the Ministry of Edcuztion in Kenya. Specifically, its registered as a private college under the Technical  Vocational Educational Authority and Training Authority (TVETA). See accreditation details https://finstockevarsity.com/accreditation/

The college is also legally registered in Delaware State USA. See registration details https://finstockevarsity.com/docs/Finstock_Evarsity_USA_LLC_certificate_of_good_standing.pdf

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