Brief Profile

Welcome to Finstock Evarsity. This is an online e-learning portal that allows interested students to pursue their desired courses online. This gives them the flexibility to study from anywhere at their convenience. This web portal is built with accessibility in mind; you can be able to access this portal from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or from a smartphone. This gives you more flexibility to study even when you're travelling.


To become the world leading and preferred e-learning centre.


To equip the society with skills and knowledge through quality education, utilising modern technology.

Our Philosophy

Quality and affordable education through technology is the panacea to solving problems in the 22nd century.

Core Values


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Profile of our students

Our current and prospective students are from various sectors and organizations

  1. Members of ICPAK
  2. Staff from Office of the Auditor-General(OAG)
  3. Staff from Office of the Controller of Budget (OCOB)
  4. Staff from National Police Service-Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI)
  5. Staff from National Police Service-Administration Police (AP)
  6. Staff from National Police Service-Kenya Police Service (KPS)
  7. Staff from Office of the Department of Public Prosecution (ODPP)
  8. Staff from Office of the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC)
  9. Staff from Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA)
  10. Staff from National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF)
  11. Staff from Banking and Insurance Sector
  12. Staff from Sacco and MFI SubSector
  13. Audit Firms (PWC, Delloite and Touche, KPMG)
  14. Postgraduate students from University of Nairobi (UON)
  15. Postgraduate students from Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
  16. Postgraduate students from Management University of Africa (MUA)
  17. Postgraduate students from Kenyatta University (KU)
  18. Postgraduate students from Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA)