Diploma In Business Management

Diploma In Business Management (DBM) is offered as a DIPLOMA course examined by KNEC. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

Entry Requirement


Duration: 12 Months

Delivery Method: Online

Fee Structure

Full Course Fees
Registration Fee KES 1,000.00 ($ 10.00)
Certification Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Administration Fee KES 5,000.00 ($ 50.00)
Internal Exam Fee KES 15,000.00 ($ 150.00)
External Exam Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Examining Body Membership Fee * KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Tuition Fee KES 110,000.00 ($ 1,100.00)
Fees Totals KES 131,000.00 ($ 1,310.00)
* Examining Body Membership Fee may be payable through us or directly to the Examining Body

All Fees are payable in lumpusm or in installments, for details see below.
Breakdown per semester,

Trimester Total Per Trimester
Trimester 1KES 43,666.67 ($ 436.67)
Trimester 2KES 43,666.67 ($ 436.67)
Trimester 3KES 43,666.67 ($ 436.67)
TotalKES 131,000.00 ($ 1,310.00)

The trimester fees of KES 43,666.67 ($ 436.67) is payable in 3 instalments of KES 14,555.56 ($ 145.56)


All Fees are payable in installements, for details check FAQs

Course Units/Overview

Module I

  • Communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Information communication technology(ICT)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial accounting
  • Economics
  • Business law

Module II

  • Cost accounting
  • Principles and practices management
  • Supply and transport management
  • Quantatives Techniques
  • Commercial and administrative law
  • Office administration and management
  • Marketing management
  • Business plan

Module II

  • Managerial accounting
  • Organization theory and behaviour
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management
  • Labour and industrial relations
  • Research methods
  • Trade projects

Unit IDUnit Name
DBM101Communication Skills
DBM102Life Skills
DBM103Information Communication Technology
DBM105Financial Accounting
DBM107Business Law
DBM108Cost Accounting
DBM109Principles And Practices Of Management
DBM110Supply And Transport Materials
DBM111Quantitative Techniques
DBM112Commercial And Administrative Law
DBM113Office Administration And Management
DBM114Marketing Management
DBM115Business Plan
DBM116Managerial Accounting
DBM117Organization Theory And Behaviour
DBM118Human Resource Management
DBM119Financial Management
DBM120Labour And Industrial Relations
DBM121Research Methods
DBM122Trade Project

Course Description

Diploma in Business Management

Course Instructor(s)

Jacqueline Achieng Kiboye
Dorine Akoth Ogolo
Maureen Muyoka Wakasala
Benson Huria Karumba
Damaris Gichini Muthoni
Emmah Gathoni Kimani
Jonathan Kioko KIOKO MBITI
James Mburu Kimani
Allan Ngungi Jumba

Examining Body



Q1. How many intakes are there?

Answer: There are three intakes in a year as follows:


Intake Trimester Period Application Window
January Intake Jan 1st - Apr 30th Nov 1st - Feb 28th
May Intake May 1st - Aug 31st Mar 1st-July 31st 
September Intake Sept 1st -Dec 31st Aug 1st -Oct 31st

Q2. In how many installments can I pay the fees?

Answer: Payment is in 3 installments as follows;


Installments 1: 50,000( payable in 2 installments)

Installments 2: 30,000(payable in 2 installments)

Installments 3: 30,000(payable in 2 installments)


Q3. Do you offer partial scholarships? 

Answer: Yes. Partial Scholarships available depending on conditions. Refer to the application form


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