Diploma In Project Management

Diploma In Project Management (DPM) is offered as a DIPLOMA course examined by KNEC. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

Entry Requirement


Duration: 12 Months

Delivery Method: Online

Fee Structure

Full Course Fees
Registration Fee KES 1,000.00 ($ 10.00)
Certification Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Administration Fee KES 5,000.00 ($ 50.00)
Internal Exam Fee KES 15,000.00 ($ 150.00)
External Exam Fee KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Examining Body Membership Fee * KES 0.00 ($ 0.00)
Tuition Fee KES 100,000.00 ($ 1,000.00)
Fees Totals KES 121,000.00 ($ 1,210.00)
* Examining Body Membership Fee may be payable through us or directly to the Examining Body

All Fees are payable in lumpusm or in installments, for details see below.
Breakdown per semester,

Trimester Total Per Trimester
Trimester 1KES 40,333.33 ($ 403.33)
Trimester 2KES 40,333.33 ($ 403.33)
Trimester 3KES 40,333.33 ($ 403.33)
TotalKES 121,000.00 ($ 1,210.00)

The trimester fees of KES 40,333.33 ($ 403.33) is payable in 3 instalments of KES 13,444.44 ($ 134.44)


All Fees are payable in installements, for details check FAQs

Course Units/Overview

Module I

1. DPM 001: Project scope and documentation
2. DPM 002: project management environment
3. DPM 003: Project finance and budgets
4. DPM 004: Project Information and Communication Technology
5. DPM 005: Quantitative Methods
6. DPM 006: Project Procurement Management
7. DPM 007: Project Planning and Design
8. DPM 008: Fundamentals of Financial Management

Module II

9. DPM 009: Project teams and team management
10. DPM 010: Project stakeholders
11. DPM 011: Project Governance and Ethics
12. DPM 012: Fundamentals of Research Methods
13. DPM 013: Project Operations Management
14. DPM 014: Project Quality Management

Module III

15. DPM 015: Principles of Monitoring & Evaluation

16. DPM 016: Project Management Methodologies
17. DPM 017: Project Management Consultancy
18. DPM 018: Project Risk Management
19. DPM 019: Project Sustainability
20. DPM 020: Research Project

Unit IDUnit Name
DPM01Project Scope And Documentation
DPM02Project Management Environment
DPM03Project Finance And Budgets
DPM04Project Information And Communication Technology
DPM05Quantitative Methods
DPM06Project Procurement Management
DPM07Project Planning And Design
DPM08Fundamentals Of Financial Management
DPM09Project Teams And Team Management
DPM010Project Stakeholders
DPM011Project Governance And Ethics
DPM012Fundamentals Of Research Methods
DPM013Project Operations Management
DPM014Project Quality Management
DPM015Principles Of Monitoring - Evaluation
DPM016Project Management Methodologies
DPM017Project Management Consultancy
DPM018Project Risk Management
DPM019Project Sustainability
DPM020Research Project

Course Description

Diploma in Project Management 

Course Instructor(s)

Jacqueline Achieng Kiboye
Lee Mathu Kimani
Susan Wanjiku Mugo
Edith Wathira Kamau
Christopher Mulekwa
Benson Huria Karumba
Emmah Gathoni Kimani
James Mburu Kimani

Examining Body



Do you offer partial scholarships? 

Answer: Yes. Partial Scholarships available depending on conditions. Refer to apllication form.


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